Thursday, 14 July 2011

Something Different

Although my blog is intended to share my cake making experiences, today I am departing from that to talk about something which is very important to me. Earlier this year I lost my mum to lung cancer, after a long and courageous battle. Her final couple of weeks were spent in the wonderful care of her local hospice. I cannot praise them highly enough for the way they looked after her with such empathy and kindness. She often told us how wonderful the staff were and that nothing was too much trouble for them. I know that it made a real difference to her that she received such a high level of care given with such kindness. They gave her the gift of the best quality of life available in her final weeks of such a debilitating illness, and then they gave us the gift of support through the very difficult hours during and after her passing.

Unfortunately, it is a sad fact that hospices in this country rely heavily upon donations in order to be able to continue their marvellous work. Two thirds of the funding for the hospice that mum stayed in comes from donations - others are not even as lucky as that. So, in memory of my mum, and as an acknowledgement of the fantastic care she received, I have decided to take part in a fundraising event for Pilgrim's Hospice. They need around £9,000,000 a year in order to provide their service to the community!

The event is a Moonlight Walk - it is a night time, 7 kilometre 'stroll' exclusively for ladies and an opportunity to pay tribute to someone special with friends, family and like-minded people. I have never done anything like this before and am a little nervous (particularly because the route is likely to be very hilly!), but I have the support of a good friend to accompany me and the determination to pay tribute to my desperately missed mum.

It would be wonderful if you could sponsor me to do the walk and support the hospice in the process (see link below for details). Your contributions really will make such a significant difference to people's lives!

Thank you​m/team/IPGirls