Thursday, 7 July 2011

Mad Hatter 'Un-birthday' Cake

My friend's mum is organising a charity event this weekend with the theme of the Mad Hatter's Tea-party. She asked me if I could come up with an 'un-birthday' cake for the event. I had wanted to try a topsy-turvy cake for a while as they look such fun, but the problem was that they didn't need as much cake as would be required to make the cake work. So I experimented a bit and managed to make the top two tiers from cake dummies and 'rice krispie treats'. I found covering the dummies quite difficult as the rice krispies don't make for the smoothest of surfaces, but I am pleased with the Cheshire Cat...he turned out just as I'd planned in my head.

These wonky cakes seem to be becoming quite popular as wedding cakes, although perhaps not with the Mad-Hatter theme!