Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Emily's Octonauts Birthday Cake


My friend David was pleased enough with the Mr Tumble cake that he entrusted me with the task of making his daughter's birthday cake. She is a real fan of a cartoon called 'Octonauts'. My eldest son is also a keen fan of the show, so I was very familiar with the characters and instantly knew what the look of the cake should be like.                                                         


 I had a lot of fun making this one. The submarine (called 'Gup-A' as I am reliably informed by my son) is made out of 'rice krispie treats' and I managed to get a smooth surface for the fondant layer by giving it an undercoat of royal icing. The white and purple coral is made by piping royal icing onto dried grape stalks - this gives a really natural 'organic' look.

My son has now decided that he wants an Octonauts cake for his birthday next month,only he 'requires' both the Gup-A and Gup-B on his....along with many other enhancements! I think I'd better start modelling now...

Thanks to David for the wonderful photos!


  1. wow, what a great cake, love every single detail :)

  2. Lovely cakes and the photography very good too.

  3. Thank you for stopping by & the lovely comments.