Monday, 5 March 2012

Two Baby Girls - an Excuse for Decorated Cookies

I have just been to my first ever baby shower (for a little baby girl who will be arriving imminently), and we also welcomed a new baby girl into my extended family, so I thought this was a great excuse to immerse myself in all things pink!

I had brilliant fun making the cookies and am starting to feel more comfortable working with royal icing as a medium; It is so versatile.

I hope you like the pictures.

In the next couple of weeks there are some charity events which I have promised to contribute raffle prizes to, and given the closeness of Easter I think that'll be a great excuse to practice some different cookie designs.


  1. Very pretty cookies! Can't wait to see more!

  2. I too have a baby (a friend's baby) on the way! I have been working on my cookie skillz too! However by the lack of royal icing cookies on my site you might conclude I'm not have a very good time of it!__Your's however look great! :)

    1. Thanks Bertie. Cookies are my new favourite thing! Sorry for the delay in your comment appearing, my commenting service had a glitch with this post for some reason...

    2. As you can see...goodness knows why it posted my reply as you...gremlins, must be lots of gremlins in the system! LOL