Monday, 6 February 2012

'Tis the Season to be Blogging

This week three of my friends joined the blogosphere. 

The first is Leanne, who has joined the world of food blogging - she aims to use her little corner of cyberspace to inspire other mums with her collection of recipes and photos of the delicious dishes she creates. It can be difficult for mums of young children to come up with dishes which are healthy and wholesome, but also at the same time be tempting for both adult and toddler palates, so I am sure that Leanne's posts will be very well received!

Secondly, is Tasha, who like me is a cake decorator running her own business. I first met Tasha when doing the PME Diploma in sugar flowers last year and we discovered that we actually both worked for the same corporate giant...similarly were putting into place plans for our future 'on the outside'. Tasha's first post is of a fabulous castle wedding cake that any bride would be over the moon with - go check it out!

Lastly, but not leastly, is Ashleigh. Occasionally in life, if you are lucky, you come across someone with such drive and energy that in just a few short years they manage to achieve more than most people manage in a lifetime. I suspect that Ashleigh is going to be one such individual. She is the driving force behind The Canterbury Toyshop, which only came into being towards the end of last year but is turning into a roaring success; but not only is she blogging about the ethos and values she holds dear in her running of the toyshop, she is also blogging about her other passion, being a mum. I really don't know how she finds enough hours in the day (have you got a time machine tucked away somewhere Ashleigh?)

I wish all three of my friends all the best with their four new blogs. I hope that we can all help and support each other along our journey out into the blogosphere, and have a lot of fun as we go! 

Image: renjith krishnan /