Monday, 23 January 2012

It May Not Be Manolo Blahnik, But Carrie Bradshaw Would Love This!

Looking back over some of the cakes that I really enjoyed making last year, this one really stands out in my mind. It was for an 18th birthday party and the remit was a black & white cake. The invitations for the party featured a fabulous platform stiletto shoe and so I decided to incorporate this into the design.

This cake represented a lot of firsts for me - the first time I had made a gumpaste shoe and the first time I had tried stencilling royal icing on to a cake. It was nerve-wracking to be using black royal icing on a first attempt at the stencilling as if I made a mistake there was no where to go with it....the white icing underneath is ruthlessly unforgiving. 

Despite never having made one before, the shoe turned out to be relatively straightforward. I was so pleased with the finish that the red glitter gave to it. The photographs don't do any justice to just how sparkly it was. It set the cake off beautifully and, to be honest, there was a part of me that didn't want to let this one go. I am glad that I wasn't there to see it cut!